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6 Tips to Help You Make a Better Decision in Bathroom Renovation

6 Tips to Help You Make a Better Decision in Bathroom Renovation

There is no greater feeling than going to a bathroom that makes you feel calm and at peace. You can have that feeling every day in your house. What you have to do is just think carefully and come up with a detailed plan after consulting a professional contractor for your bathroom renovation. Keep going to find some tips on the process that will help you make the right decisions.

What Makes a Great Master Bathroom?

A great master bathroom doesn’t come down from the sky. It is made by the same people who make regular and small ones. The only difference is attention. These master bathrooms require attention and the list of things you want in them. Having separate compartments for the bath and toilet is a priority for many people.

Other than that, most people want to have hot and cold water running through their pipes on demand. A sink that matches the floor and has a durable yet fascinating faucet. In the last a toilet and a shower at a notable distance at the least. If the budget allows you then there are also ways to make the bathroom more spacious like installing wall mounted toilet with vanity.

In 2022, the average bathroom renovation has around a 55-60% return rate at the time of selling the house. This means selling your house after a little touch-up or a bit of renovation has a lot of chances to keep up your property prices.

What Should I Keep in Mind During Bathroom Renovation?

Following are some of the important things you need to keep up with before you dive right into construction work without any plan.


Finalizing a plan for a bathroom renovation is more than essential because it can swallow all your savings and will still leave you on a cliffhanger. To set a reasonable budget it is important to know your needs and options.

For example, you can start by listing the things that you can’t compromise on neither on quality nor on space like toilet, shower, and sink. In case you are looking forward to selling the house in a couple of years is an important detail to keep in mind. Also, you can choose wisely when choosing the quality of the bathroom accessories or to have them fixed or freestyle.

Free Tip:

Keep the intent in your mind clear beforehand which will give you an edge to decide where the major part of the budget puts on.

Types Of Bathrooms

If you are renovating your bathroom for the very first time you might want to explore a different type of bathroom. There are several kinds of bathrooms you can go for like:

Half Bath

This bathroom is majorly suggested for guest rooms but if you have a small family, it might be a compatible choice under a low budget.

Standard Bathroom

This is a full bathroom including every accessory i.e., bathtub, sink, toilet, shower, etc. These are traditional styles that were meant to share by the whole family. Although it is a better way to avoid morning lines out of the only bathroom.

Wet Bathroom

These are modern option that uses tiles and is wet like the name so you don’t have to care about drying out the vanity in here. They don’t consume a lot of space like a full bathroom and are not even the size of a half bath so you can get all the features of your need in a comfortable space.

Bathroom Layout

Choosing a different layout or sticking to the original ones is your choice. Professional bathroom contractors may tell you to stick with the original layout because it can avoid a lot of expenses for you. However, the original design may not have been a good one so you want a change that is still good by the contractor as long as you are prepared to bear the re-plumbing and re-installing cost.

In either case, a 3D design of your choice of layout can help you make a decision faster. Still keep in mind that with a larger space you will have a wide variety of choices and vice versa.

Bathtub Or No Bathtub?

The bathtub was essential in traditional house constructions but is kept a part of this era. The reason could be the fast routines of people. They don’t have time to set the atmosphere or ready the bath. They just get into the shower and go on with their lives. However, people do like to have a long weekend bath. So, it’s up to you how you want to proceed with things.

Choose Better Lighting

Lighting is another important aspect while finalizing the design of your bathroom remodel. If possible, try to have plenty of room for windows for lighting. This way your bathroom layout and its colors will look more elusive in natural light.

On the other hand, you will have to arrange settings for plenty of light bulb alternates like LEDs to provide enough light to keep the room lit up at all times.

Make Room for Ventilation

Don’t fill up all your bathroom space with unnecessary things. At least have a window and exhaust so your bathroom doesn’t cling to weird smells.

What To Know About Fixtures During a Bathroom Renovation?

While you are making a few or a lot of changes around your bathroom some things have an option to be fixed in the wall or not. There are 3 main fixtures people usually go with:

  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Shower/ Bathtub/ Second Sink

However, a bathroom faucet can also be a plus-one fixture.

Why Choose Our Bathroom Renovation Service?

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This makes them a priority while hiring someone to help you renovate your bathroom and provide you with the better and best options. So, reach out now in case you are ready to begin. We are waiting for your call.