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General Contractors

General Contractors

General Contractors You Can Trust!

Continental Brothers Construction Inc. is the name you can trust when it comes to managing your construction project like a pro. As your general contractors in Mississauga and its surroundings, we design and build your homes most proactively.

Serving Mississauga, Nobleton, and Richmond Hill

Our approach is comprehensive and unique, where we start your project from one part and end it seamlessly. The process we follow starts from designing and ends on construction. However, we do not leave your hands after the construction process stops, but we make sure to do follow-ups and final touchups to ensure everything becomes functional and the same as you need.

Design Process

We have a certified team of designers who will sit with you and collaborate to make your dream design. They will have a notebook in their hands, and they will listen to everything you have to add in the phase to make your design work.

Our team will also consider the environmental factors that can influence the structure or the functionality of the project. For instance, as your general contractors in Mississauga, we will take every measure of its environment and weather to make the project successful. We know the weather can be harsh sometimes and use paints that work best in those conditions.

Be it your home renovation or kitchen refacing, we will complete it within the given time and make things work for you.

Construction Phase

Now comes the best part where we get your work done. The construction method we follow is green, and we try to minimize carbon emissions to ensure an eco-friendly outcome. This process is done through a lot of consideration and taking severe measures to reduce the chances of carbon emissions.

Also, we stay in constant contact with you throughout this process so that if you have anything to ask or add, we can do it likewise. Just like in our recent kitchen refacing service, we changed the color of countertops at the last moment as the client wasn’t satisfied with the combination. So, you can expect the same.


Lastly, we do not leave you right after the construction is done, but this process is followed up on to ensure everything is working the way it should.

Why Should You Trust Us As Your General Contractors In Mississauga

There is something unique and different about our construction phase. When you choose us as your general contractors in Mississauga, Nobleton, or Richmond hill, we go the extra mile for you and create something that will work best for you.

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  5. Minimal Disruption
  6. No hidden charges

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We will work with you closely and make sure that we ponder everything you have to say. We also take notes about your ideas on renovation and take decent measures to meet your demands successfully.

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